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Kids Zone

When you dine out with baby, you just hope there are no tears. Dining out with a teen and you'll be begging
them to put down the phone. But what about the ages between, when wait times are intolerable, their energy seems boundless and you really, really are trying not to give into screen time in case it does actually
melt their brains?

The Sampan Seafood and Grilled Restaurant with playgrounds save the day. You'll find affordable food,
friendly staff that's used to families, and slides, structures that will tire your kid out before they can even ask
what's for dessert.

Our Indoor patios which make a parent’s dining-out experience much more care-free.
Add in a menu that includes burgers, sandwiches, well it’s basically a parent’s dream come true. Parents can enjoy a good meal in peace while the kids have fun at the play area. Colorful, the cafe is filled with murals and
decorations that will keep your little ones busy, making the dining experience
that much more memorable.

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Monday through Thursday: 9am - 11pm
Friday and Saturday: 9am - 11pm
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The Sampan Seafood & Grilled
Bali Collection, Sikut Satak
Gate C No. 9 ITDC Area
Nusa Dua, Bali
+62 878 6084 1192

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